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Home Rememdies For Burns By Shoshanna Harrari

Burns traumatize the skin, immune system, and the whole body. They must be treated immediately! The first few minutes are critical. Most burns are unexpected, so it is important to have things close at hand that can turn the situation around, stop the effects of the burn, and heal the skin as quickly as possible.
Honey is one of the finest healers of the skin! Unless the patient is allergic to honey, apply it immediately on the skin to stop the burning, heal the skin, and prevent infection. It's a little messy, but it works great! Certified Organic Honey is best, since it is spread on burns for medicinal purposes. Next take a piece of an Aloe Vera leaf, slice off the thorns, and split the piece down the middle. You’ll see a thick gooey gel inside.

When anyone gets burned, even slightly, reach for the gel of your living Aloe Vera plant. Its effectiveness is unrivaled. It works immediately, soothes inflammation, cools the heat, prevents infection, and is excellent for pain relief. Aloe Vera is the #1 most important healing plant to have around the house. The best variety for burns is the one with the thick, entirely green leaves, not the lighter green variety with white spots, but even the weaker one will work if there’s nothing else. When you go to a plant nursery to buy plants, choose Aloe Vera that looks like the picture.

Lavender works together with Aloe Vera. Buy organic Lavender and look for the “High Altitude” or “Wild Crafted” variety. The best Lavender oil is produced in France but a very good oil is also produced in Israel. Make some cuts into the Aloe Vera gel, add a few drops of Lavender oil in these places. Put this gel side down over the burn. Hold it in place with gauze or cloth to keep it steady. Change every hour and have the person sleep with it overnight.
Nearly 100 years ago, Dr. Edward Bach developed 39 remedies from flowers. One of the most popular, used in trauma and shock therapy, is called Rescue Remedy. I use a few drops of Rescue Remedy for any kind of trauma, from a small child's “boo boo” to more severe injuries or burns. Give the burn patient 4 drops of Rescue Remedy directly under the tongue. Repeat every half hour until they seem stable emotionally.
Chlorophyll , the green part plants, is a great accelerator of healing. The most potent type is found in wheatgrass juice. Juice the wheatgrass and drip it onto the burn. If you don't have a wheatgrass juicer, you can even chew it, then put the poultice of wheatgrass on the burn. Cover securely but lightly with gauze. Change the poultice every 5 hours. Any unsprayed wild grass can be used. It accelerates healing and is a natural antiseptic.
Half of an onion, cut up, by the bed of the patient, draws bacteria and viruses into the onion and away from the person. (One reason why we should never save cut onions in the fridge!) In the morning, throw away the onion.
Lots of liquids strengthen the immune system while healing, by keeping the patient hydrated. Drink 2 liters of pure water a day (with a pinch of celtic sea salt in the water). Add lemonade, fresh juices, especially vegetable juices, healing teas such as ginger, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint. Have fresh onion soup for dinner. During the most vulnerable time of potential infection, it is best to stay away from eating all animal products. Instead, eat light meals of fresh fruit, vegetable salads, steamed and baked vegetables, and simple grains such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat and wild rice. Finally, get lots of Rest!

When burns are not so severe, they can be treated at home Always remember though, if the burn is severe, take the burn patient to the hospital!

Shoshanna Harrari is a well known nutritional counselor and teacher who specializes in health education.
Her book Sheva Minim, about the seven holy fruits of Israel, has delicious recipes. Visit her at
She is also noted for her hand crafted biblical harps!


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