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When the Experts Say No

A college student told his professor that he had an idea to start an overnight shipping company. The professor dismissed it and said, "That’s not a good idea. That company would never get off of the ground." The student hit the delete button on those negative words and started the company anyway. He called it Federal Express.

All the experts told a young man named Emmitt Smith that at 5 feet 9 inches tall, he was too small and too slow to play professional football. Emmitt grew up in a low-income family and lived in public housing. Most of the scouts said, "It’s not going to work out." But, Emmitt knew how to hit the delete button and went on to rush for more yardage than any player in NFL history. Emmitt has won three Super Bowls. He’s in the Hall of Fame.

One time I heard a story about a young boy named Theodor Geisel. He loved to draw and had a very vivid imagination. Every spare minute he spent drawing pictures and cartoons. His dream was to become an artist and create children’s books. In high school, he took his first art class. When the teacher saw his work and how it was so cartoonish and so playful, he said, "Son, you’ll never be an artist. This is not your gift. This looks like child’s play." Theodore dropped out of the art class, but continued to draw. He took his first children’s book to a publisher, but they said the same thing. "This is not something people are going to buy. It’s too cartoonish." He went to another publisher and another. He was turned down 29 times. All of the experts said, "It’s not marketable." But, publisher number 30 decided to take a chance. Instead of using his normal name, he chose the name Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss went on to sell more children’s books than any person in history.

What are the experts telling you that you can’t do? "You’re too tall, too short, too young, too old. It’s not a good idea." Why don’t you delete all the negative voices and let Almighty God be your expert? After all, He controls the universe. He knows what He placed inside of you, and He’s the One who can bring your dreams to pass. You have what you need; the talent, the strength, the wisdom, the favor to do what God has put in your own heart. Be bold and stay focused on Him and watch those dreams and desires come to pass.

"Be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Philippians 1:6, NIV)

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