Monday, April 5, 2010

sanskrit mantras about jesus in hinduism


1.Ohm Shri Brahmaputraya namaha: Oh Lord, The Son of God, we praise you.
2.Ohm Shri Umathyaya namaha: Oh Lord who is born of the Spirit, we praise you.
3.Ohm Shri kanni sudhaya namaha: Oh Lord who is born of a virgin, we praise you.
4.Ohm Shri tharithra narayanaya namaha: Oh Lord who became poor for our sake,
we praise you.
5.Ohm Shri vidhiristaya namaha: Oh Lord who is circumcised, we praise you.
6.Ohm Shri panchagayaya namaha: Oh Lord who bore five wounds on your body, we
praise you.
7.Ohm Shri vruksha shul aruthaya namaha: Oh Lord who offered yourself as a
sacrifice on a trishool-like tree (three headed spear), we praise you.
8.Ohm Shri mruthyam jaya namaha: Oh Lord who got victory over death, we
praise you.
9.Ohm Shri shibilistaya namaha: Oh Lord who willingly offered your flesh to be
eaten by your saints, we praise you.
10.Ohm Shri thatchina moorthyaya namaha: Oh Lord who is seated by the side of
the Father, we praise you.
11.Ohm Shri maha devayaya namaha: Oh Lord who is Lord of lords, we praise you.


All of us should worship the Lord Jesus Christ as our God who took the form of a human being. We must have a close relationship with Him to reach Moksha (Heaven). Because He is the only God who is above all gods (sudar7, page270). He forgave those who crucified Him. He bore all our sins. He says “Come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, I will give you rest”. He gives peace to all (sudar2, page372). If a person accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord, his soul is changed. He will become like Jesus Christ, and his life becomes holy (sudar 4, page600)


repentant one said...

Dear Mr. Gururaj,
I pray for peace and humility in your life. Firstly let me request you to not lose your self control if you feel provoked (for that is EXACTLY what the LordJesus Christ did not do). He forgave! If you have an objection, please substantiate it.

Please understand Jesus Christ is NOT a religion. I am a Hindu, but I follow Jesus, the Son of God, for He is the Truth, the Way and the Life. DO you know there are NO ORIGINAL SCRIPTURES for any Holy books of Hinduism or Islam, or any other religions? Where are the original Scriptures of their time of writing?

The only material available are word of mouth hand me downs. And you know what happens to the truth in a room full of 100 people in 2 hours! The originality of the initial messages gets distorted. Its called "Chinese whispers"!

The infallible Word of God (Bible) is the ONLY spoken word of God through His Prophets, which can be traced back to ORIGINAL SCROLLS of their time of writing (read about the Dead Sea Scrolls)

And yes, I am going to post the various Sanskrit scripture references for you to check them up (that refer to Jesus Christ). The very fact they refer to Him shows they are added to the referred Hindu Scriptures barely 2000 years ago (considering Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago)!

So the claims of all Hindu scriptures being 6000-7000 BC cannot be 100% true.

Please understand, NO ONE, NO GOD, NO FIGURE died and returned. ONLY Jesus Christ rose from the dead. ONLY HE can provide Salvation; for Salvation cannot come through one's works at all.

Along with our works, each one of us sins. Who takes care of the sin part? It is mans pride which makes him think he can get salvation through his efforts / works. How true & honest is that effort for each one of us, we all know - the level of corruption, deceit, lying, cheating, adultery, bribing etc etc that goes into our so called "efforts & works". Surely that can never ever get anyone salvation.

Be blessed my brother, and know the Truth, for the Truth alone can set you free. Jesus is not a religion, He is the ONLY Son of God, and faith in His name brings salvation, for He died on the Cross for the sins of entire mankind. ONLY Jesus is sinless; He never killed or cheated or gambled, or murdered or had girlfriends, or never slaughtered people in the name of :religion: like so many other "gods" we have all heard of.

I surely shall pray for your salvation and awakening. In much love & prayer,

A loving friend

Thomas Hendry said...

Mr.Gururaj if you still confused in Mr.Anil's statement,you can search for ''saadu chellapa's speech with evidence in Youtube.

Information said...

finally I got Answer you asked me .. here it is . .. These are edited by canvaser's to Convert other religious or Hindu people to Christianity. .. hang this stupids . . In public

. Mantra 1:

“ om shri Brahma putraya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “ Oh lord, son of god, we praise you” (they say it was referring to jesus)

My Explanation: Brahma Putraya = son of Brahma, It actually refers to Lord Shiva. Brahma born from a lotus, He created shiva.

“ one who is the son of Brahma,We bow to thee”

Mantra 2:

”om shri umathyaya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “oh lord who is born of the spirit, we praise you”

My explanation: it is not umathya, it is umadhya = Uma + Adhya;

Uma = luminous or light

Adhya = source  

Umadhyaya = source of light.( see a small mistake , they wrote ‘t’ instead of ‘d’. it changed the entire meaning)

“one who is the source of light,We bow to thee”

Mantra 3:

“om shri kanni sudhaya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “oh lord who born of a virgin we praise you”

My explanation: kanni in Tamil /Malayalam means virgin. Sanskrit word for virgin is “Kanya”

There is no  “Kanni” in Sanskrit . It is “kani”. Kani = Ever. Sudha = pure.

Kani sudha = Ever Pure.

“one who is Ever Pure,We bow to thee”

Mantra 4:

“om tharithra narayanaya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “ oh lord who become poor for our sake , we praise you”

My explanation:

It is not “tharithra” but it is “Dhrithri”, which means “ the Earth” in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit word for poor is Dhaaridrah.

Narayana = First Being.

“oh First Being of the earth,We bow to thee”

Mantra 5:

“om vidhiristaya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “oh lord who is circumcised, we praise you”

My Explanation: vidhir= worshipper or worship. Istaya= favourite or favour.

There is no word for circumcision in Sanskrit.

The word “kaat”  means “ to cut”.. Private parts in Sanskrit  is lingam or Yoni.

“one who favors his worshipper,We bow to thee”

Information said...

Mantra 6:”ohm sri panchagayaya namaha:”

Definition given by them:”oh lord who bore five wounds on your body,we praise you”

My explanation: It is not “gaya” but “gavya”.

Pancha = Five ; gavya = blend of

Blend of five elements the air, the water, the earth, the space, and the fire.

“one who is blend of five(elements),We bow to thee”

Mantra 7 : “ohm shri vruksha shul aruthaya namaha:”

Definition given by them:” oh lord who sacrificed yourself on a trishool- like tree(wooden cross),we praise you”

My Explanation: not vruksha but virupaksha meanings "mis-formed eye"; shul = tri-spear, not arutha, it is arudha , which means " to rise"

"one who rises the tri-spear with a mis-formed eye,Webow to thee"

Mantra 8: “ohm shri mruthyum jayaya namaha:”

Definition given by them: “oh Lord who won the death, we praise you”

My explanation:  Yes, God do not have death. Here Mruthyum Jaya refers to shiva.

Mantra 9:”ohm shri sibilistaya namaha:”

Definition : oh lord who willingly offered your flesh to be eaten by your saints, we praise you”

My explanation: Sibhi chakravarthy is a famous king in mahabharatha, Ramayana also in jataka tales. He is considered as a member of vishnu’s lineage.

He sacrificed his flesh to save a pigeon from an eagle, pigeon and eagle were the Agni and Indra in disguise. (Note. H is story was written centuries before Christ. Recorded circa 400 B.C in jataka tales of buddists, don’t say it a copy.!)

Sibi = name of the king sibi. Istaya = favouite.

Mantra 10:” ohm shri thatchina moothyaya namaha:”

their definition "Oh lord seated by the side of your father, we praise you"

My explanation: It is not thatchina moorthy it is “Dhakshana moorthy”

Dhakshna = south ; Moorthy = deity.

The deity of the south.. it is often used to refer “Guru”, one of the Dikhpalaka or ruler of directions and also refers to lord shiva.

“oh god of the south,We bow to thee”

Mantra 11:”ohm shri maha devayaya namaha:”

Their definition: “ oh lord of the lords, I bow to you”

My explanation: Yes but it was actually referred Lord shiva, who is also called as Maha Deva. Budda also mentioned as Maha deva sometimes.

Maha deva = Greatest amonst the devas

“one who is greatest amongst the gods, We bow to thee”


Though i have corrected the above definitions, some of the mantras stated above are not found in the actual SAHASRANAMAM of Hinduism. The above mantras may got mixed by the local priests in kerala from the Jesus Sahasranamam written by a christian sanskrit pundit.