Friday, August 3, 2012

Encouraging others.

We all have different talents and gifting.  However, praying for someone, being there for a friend, loving on someone does not require you to have a gifting. Encouraging someone on a daily basis will help yourself to be encourage too. I remember hearing my pastor say, if you are depress, feeling sad, pitying yourself, the best way to to get yourself out of that hole is to encourage others orbless them.
Encouraging others gives us God’s peace, joy and blessings. We put others first and our self last. It helps us to become a better student, mom, wife, friend, sister, or brother. I wanted to share a few basic ways you can be an encourager and have a servant’s heart as well! What a blessing right? :D(Hope you’re smiling!) And watch how it will transform your life!
1. If you see a need, immediately offer to pray for them. Don’t say, “I’ll pray for you.” Pray for them right away. You’ll forget.
2. If you see someone is hurting offer to be a friend, even if you don’t know them too well. Be a friend and listen. That’s it. Over facebook, email, phone or in person.
3. Anytime you hear something about someone sick, someone lost a mother or father or anyone, etc, get a card and write them a note. Add a little book or something nice to make them smile. (Yes do it if you DON’T know them) :D Oh what a joy that is!!
4. Message and email friends/family and tell them you are thinking of them, that you love them, praying for them. Do it frequently. Not month or yearly! :)
5. Someone is sick? Make a nice meal for them and drop it off with a note. Don’t have time to do that? Pick up fruits and some flowers and a card. It’s the heart that counts and trust me they will LOVE it!
6. Offer to take people out for coffee or just to meet up. Nothing fancy. Ask them how they’re doing, what they’ve been up to, etc.. Listen to them and offer any godly wisdom if needed. Do it with friends more often.
7. When you encourage always provide scriptures. This bring healing to the soul. It will reinforce what God wants to tell or show them.
Allow God to use you. Have fun with it. Don’t think too much about what you need to do. Have a servant’s heart and serve. :)