Friday, August 3, 2012

Time management – Balanced life?

If there was one thing I can say about time management, I’d say most stink at it! However, if Jesus was at your home today, would you put everything aside in order to spend time with Him? Yes? Is that because you can see him personally and visibly? I know I surely would!
Why would it be any different now?
Our God is an orderly God.  He is not messy. He is not all over the place. He is not running out the door last minute and telling you to hold onto your prayers until He gets back in to listen to them, and if He did, how would you feel? I’d feel hurt that He’s not taking the time to be with me when I want to be with Him.
We all have to understand that with a balanced life we will all feel at peace because He is in control. I mean, take the time in the morning to sit down, pray, sing, read, study the bible and pray some more. You have a total of 24 hours to do everything! Let’s put some time aside to be with Him.
Morning quiet time should be when you get up before everyone gets up. You set the tone for the day.
Here are a list of things to consider:
1. Learn to say no when it comes to other commitments. Your family comes first. If you are not organized at home, then you will not be organized with any other commitments and that includes serving in a church. Sloppy life = sloppy faith.
2. Set a schedule. Write it down if you have to in 30 minutes increment. This would also include time on the internet. (It’s what I do!) If you need to, use a kitchen timer.
Example: 730am read to daughter, 8am get daughter dress for school, 9am pick up around the home.
3. Read a book. Reading help ease stress. Read a devotional book. It’ll encourage you. There are also time management books.
4. Take time to do a hobby. You also need to enjoy life.
5. Plan your evenings wisely. They are the most wasted time.
6. Stay home more. DO things at home.
7. Delegate tasks if need to.
Remember, we need to be examples and make use of our time wisely. Our God wants us to use our time wisely. Not so much busy, but productive with things that are prioritized.
There are just some suggestions and it’s what I do here at home.