Friday, August 3, 2012

Unanswered Prayers

There are things we’ll never know in this lifetime. Prayer is not meant to leave you wondering. We make request to the Heavenly Father just like any child would with their earthly father. God answers all prayers and usually they are yes, no, or wait. We all know this.
Why does God answer no when we know that we are ‘clean’ before Him?
1. We  Must Seek God
God wants us to seek Him more than any else. He wants our undivided attention, our heart, soul and mind. He wants us to be consumed with Him. Unfortunately, we look to our needs and wants and forget what God is trying to do in and through us. God will withhold answers to prayer if we are not seeking His face.
2. We Must Trust Him
God withhold answers so we learn to trust Him. If He gave us everything we wanted, there’s no fun in that, is there?  And faith, we NEED faith! (Heb. 11:6) Trust teaches us a valuable lesson, we are not to take Him for granted. God does not withhold answers to taunt us or toy with our emotions. He teaches us to persist in prayer, keep our eyes on Him, and reject our feelings. We are to rely on His promises and not what we see and feel. Let God prove Himself faithful in every situation and it’ll become easier to trust Him.
3. He Is Preparing Us
Another reason is that He is in the process of preparing us. If God had answered all my prayers according to my timing, I would have missed His best. Much of what we pray for is in the will of God, but our timing is off. God is waiting for us to grow spiritually in some areas before He’ll give us the spiritual and materials blessings.
4. Sometime God Has Something Better
God will withhold answers because something better is in store. It may be more than we deserve, more than we ask for and more than we expect.
These are the four reasons God withholds a blessing or answer when the condition of our hearts is not the deciding factor. God’s perspective encompasses more than ours.
Being grateful for the small things in life has really kept me going each day. I am still waiting on God, it’s only been a year! In due time, I know God will answer. There is no time lost in waiting, if you are waiting on the Lord